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Your pathway to a Masters degree in the UK

Study the Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme at Teesside

The Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme can help you to bridge the gap between an undergraduate degree from your home country and a postgraduate degree in the UK. By spending one term with us at the International Study Centre, you can feel assured that you will begin your Masters degree with the confidence and knowledge to succeed.

By beginning your journey with us, you’ll be able to spend time dedicated to reaching the necessary English language skills to get the most out of your Teesside degree. You will have the choice of two subject pathways – leading to a range of progression degrees across business, the humanities, science and engineering. Once you have successfully completed your programme and achieved the required grades, you can begin your chosen postgraduate degree at the innovative Teesside University.

Who is the Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme for?

You will benefit from our Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme, if you:

  • want to further your employability by developing your knowledge to expert level.
  • gained an undergraduate degree in your home country, and hope to transfer those skills to a postgraduate degree in the UK.
  • are passionate about your field and willing to learn more about it.
  • want to develop your English skills, especially with a focus on vocabulary related to your subject.
  • need help reaching the entry requirements of studying a postgraduate degree at a UK university.

Combined visa for Accelerated Pre-Master's Programme

Save time and progress smoothly to the University with a combined visa. The visa covers the duration of your studies at both the International Study Centre and Teesside University.

  • No need to return home to apply for a new visa between your Accelerated Pre-Master's Programme and chosen postgraduate degree.
  • Alternatives to Academic IELTS for UKVI can be used to join the Accelerated Pre-Master's Programme.
  • No need for an additional IELTS test before joining your postgraduate degree.
  • Allows you to work up to 20 hours per week, enhancing CV and career prospects.
  • Gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the UK between courses.


of students who completed their Accelerated Pre-Masters Programme at the International Study Centre were eligible to progress to a degree course at Teesside University in 2023.

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